Enjoy Your Stay at Western Gallery by Signature Vacation Rentals

Enjoy Your Stay at Western Gallery by Signature Vacation Rentals

Enjoy Your Stay at Western Gallery by Signature Vacation Rentals – The property features nonsmoking rooms, free Wi-Fi connectivity in the public areas, free self-parking service, air conditioning system, dining area, living room, shower/tub combo, a microwave, coffee and tea maker, a refrigerator, and a DVD player. The property is situated 19 minutes away from Old Town on foot, Scottsdale Fashion Square 30 minutes on foot, Scottsdale Waterfront 29 minutes on foot, and Scottsdale Stadium 43 minutes on foot. The property is presented as a condo that boasts 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The bathroom features a combo of shower and a tub. The kitchen area is furnished with a coffee or tea maker, a microwave, and a refrigerator.

Dining area is separate from other parts of the property. Meanwhile, a DVD player can be used to enjoy movies. Each room comes with a balcony or a patio, all fully furnished. The property serves check-in from 3 PM through 8 PM only while check-out is at 10 AM tops. A different location is used as the base for check-in for this property, located at the Signature Vacation Rentals Scottsdale Office. It also applies utility caps system; overages of utility will result in a charge to the credit card submitted on the file.

The property requires guests to provide a deposit when checking in, either cash or by a credit card. It also requires that a photo ID issued by the government is to be presented upon checking in. Wi-Fi connectivity is available for use for free in the property’s public areas. It does not allow pets of any kind to enter the premises. The property also does not feature any cribs for use with infants. Keep in mind that the policies mentioned before are based on what the properties claim. However, guest policies and cultural norms may apply differently based on country and the property itself.


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